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MIA TRANSORTATION INC., Services for Professional Owner Operators & Truckers

MIA TRANSPORTATION INC., arranges professional dispatch services for owner operators & truckers. We offer Truck Dispatching Services for Independent Truckers with own Motor Carrier Authority. We have over 20 years of industry knowledge in truck transportation or truck dispatch, and our staff handles their performance in a perfect way. MIA is an independent company specializing in finding freight for small carriers with 1 truck or more. Our team of truck dispatchers and load planners will negotiate on your behalf for the best possible rates, before booking any freight we ask you the requirements, what loads you haul, where you go and when you go, we are always keen to give you immediate service.

MIA TRANSPORTATION INC., offer reasonable truck freight rates and this will help you make less your costs and benefit your company.We can deal with the remainder of your regulatory overhead, for example, filling carrier packets and taking care of essential administrative work. We are a leader in providing our truck transportation services.

MIA TRANSPORTATION INC., is always providing best service to the clients. Are you an owner operator in need of a qualified dispatcher? Take our service and be a great deal. Through our expert management team, we are committed to providing you with quality services. If you have a truck and if you are looking for a load in the USA, we will provide you the Best Freight Rate anywhere you are. We provide loads and offer best rates to our truckers. We provide you load on the day you choose our service because it is our duty to offer more effective loads with best freight rates.

MIA Company has made of strong communication to enable easy interaction among truck drivers, dispatchers and customers. Decision making, organizational skills and multitasking abilities lie as the core skill required in all trucking dispatch companies.


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Our full service program includes:

Load booking and dispatching.
Locating your best possible load and rate matches.
Work to obtain the best possible rate for the load.
Handle all necessary faxes and paperwork including rate confirmations, broker setup and insurance certificates.
Verify Broker Credit or Shipper.
Back office support.
Billing and Invoicing.
Work with your factoring company to make sure the freight broker is approved before moving a load.
No hidden cost.

Our Strengths:

Trusted company in Dispatch Service.
Experienced staff.
Look For the Best Loads.
Financially stable leader in the trucking industry.
Experienced staff for quick and safe decisions.
5000+ Carrier Database.